Giving a gift to yourself: getting what you want or need for free.




We often stress that spending your money is not a bad thing. In this culture you have to buy stuff, but we want to plant this seed: it is possible to buy stuff that creates greater value than not owning it, and it’s possible to do so without adding another expense to your monthly expenditures. When you can do this you are making buying decisions based on making your life better or easier, and this is leverage.

Here’s a great example: one of our clients is dedicated to making her home more energy efficient by installing solar panels. Not only will doing so decrease her overall heating and energy costs, for her it’s the right thing to do as a global citizen. The initial installment is about $15,000 which isn’t something she has all up-front, but that’s not ultimately an issue because it’s something she can finance over 12 years at 2.9%. And given the current $5,000 tax incentive plus the monthly energy savings, the total amount of her monthly expenses doesn’t increase at all.

So, without positioning herself for more debt, she is able to go ahead with the addition of solar panels to her home which increases her home’s value and decreases her monthly energy costs while decreasing her carbon footprint. Moreover, she is an example for others interested in doing the same and is now able to share with them how she made this possible!

This is leverage.

You don’t have to pay for everything. Running the numbers with a leverage mind-set will give you all the information you need to make intentional buying decisions that will support you on your financial journey. You can hire a financial advisor the same way, one that adds value and ends up costing you less than going without one.

Learn it. Do it. Share it: Raise your game.


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