Your Guru: why the advice didn’t go all the way.


At some point in your life you sought out a leader who has experienced something you want to experience for yourself. It may have been a spiritual leader, a fitness pro, a relationship expert, business advisor, or financial guru. But their advice didn’t work for you. It wasn’t enough. It didn’t apply to your life. Or you got to where they were directing you only to find that you expected better! The tendency may be to think that somehow you’re still not any better off because of you, because somehow you failed to make it there, or you just can’t get there because…you’re you.


It’s not you.


Last week’s post talked about the fact that we’re all born with a natural paradigm in place. In our business we call that your relationship with money because we’re in the financial biz. But it’s broader than that, and the gurus out there are not exempt~ they have a paradigm, too. And they probably don’t realize it.


Naturally their advice is specific to their paradigms. And if you don’t share that same paradigm and speak that specific language, chances are you won’t succeed according to their philosophies.


Or, if you do succeed you may be stuck wondering what’s next.


We suggest becoming your own guru. And that starts with knowing your paradigm then seeking out a coach who can help you chart your own path to a better life, however you want that to be. Begin here:


Find your paradigm here.

Then contact us to get your evolution into motion.


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Disclosure: There is no assurance that the techniques discussed will yield positive outcomes.

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