Leading Yourself to Financial Freedom


You are pre-qualified to be a financial leader! Why?

1. You interact with money no matter how much you think you have.

2. You have a natural paradigm for relating to finance, and you can use your particular strengths to your advantage.

Does this sound strange? It’s contrary to one-size-fits all financial advice & wisdom because this approach is based on the individual rather than the financial system, therefore absolutely everyone who has ever interacted with a dollar can experience a healthier & wealthier life. That means you.

Money is a tool, and HOW you use it depends on WHO you are. We’re seeking to take the stress out of money and replacing it with energy and fun. It starts like this:

1. find out who you are by answering 7 simple questions here

2. come to our fun & free workshop on 1/28 or contact us for a meeting: 207.847.4032


Disclosures: there is no assurance that the techniques discussed will yield positive outcomes.

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