Why your motivations matter: holding you back or pushing you to a higher level.


Everything you do, say, believe, and experience is caused by your own intrinsic motivations. Do you know what they are? Do your motivations support your vision for yourself or do they keep you stuck living a life that is less than it could be?

Habit. Fear. Guilt. Love. Ease. Loyalty. What’s “right.” Pleasure. All too often these things which motivate you when making tiny choices and huge decisions are buried in your psyche, silently running your life.

What if you took control of your motivations? How would your life be different?

When you know, understand, and accept your nature, (find your natural paradigm here), you’ll have reasonable expectations of yourself and require less discipline in order to move ahead. And when you know what you want you’ll be motivated to make decisions that will support living your best life.

From personal experience, it’s a whole lot easier to stop eating processed sugar when the motivation is to live healthier, experience food & taste more vividly, and to be free of a silly addiction because that’s who I want to be than to try to stop eating sugar because it’s bad for me and I shouldn’t have it. When my focus was on NOT eating sugar, it was all I thought about. When the focus is enjoying a better, sugarless life, choices are easier and the cravings are gone.

When you evolve with your money your financial motivations change for the better. You are not focused on the things that you don’t have or think you can’t have. Your motivation is based on a wealth & abundance perspective, you focus on what you want to experience, and it becomes possible to enjoy your money.

Evolving with your money is the process of making real the financial life you want, and it requires developing and using some second nature skills. If your motivation is based on the understanding that certain financial decisions, though uncomfortable and not what you really want to do at the time, will lead to increased opportunity to experience more of what you love, reduce stress, and make your life easier, your financial evolution is easy and joyful. And you can experience a better life now.

There is no canned recipe to financial success here, so any second nature skills will depend on your nature & vision. What we have is a process, a theory, that when followed will unfold exactly as it should- for you. It starts with your nature and choosing your motivations.

Know who you are. Know what you want. Find your coach. Evolve with your money.

Disclosures: there is no assurance that the techniques discussed will yield positive outcomes.

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