Love & Money: It’s not time to kill your lover.


Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Candy, hearts, and fighting about money.

Does your partner seem to be from another planet as far as money, work, and value are concerned? Or does it seem like you must be two different species? Have you ever wondered why you can have a conversation in your native tongue and come away with two different perspectives on the same thing? Does it just make you crazy? Stop it. You’re both right!

This is totally normal and natural, so stop thinking what you’re thinking. You each were born with a natural way of relating to value, (money and more than money), and chances are your partner has a different paradigm. When you try to communicate you may be speaking English but you may as well be speaking two very different languages because the meaning is always filtered through your paradigm.

The second highest cause of divorce is financial stress & conflict. Within that, the largest contributor is ineffective communication. And there is a solution.

First, know your paradigm. Then know your partner’s paradigm. You can quickly and easily find your paradigms here. We’ll send you follow-up information so you can identify your financial reality. Ask yourselves if you’re living the lives you want and understand that your financial state is a choice. This means you and your partner can pursue your own version of financial utopia. Or you can spin your wheels and live in conflict.

Next, accept that you likely have very different natures and perceive your financial situation differently. That is ok! No one paradigm is better than any other, and it’s the direction you move in that matters. We will coach you on the next steps toward making your vision real and help you both evolve with your money.

Please join us if you can for a workshop that goes into much more detail about how to live and thrive with someone so…unlike you! February 25th @ 7pm in the studio at Health Body Fit Mind, 184 Main St. in South Portland, Maine. If you can’t be there we’d be happy to meet with you or talk on the phone at any time.

It’s ok to be on different planets. You just need a shuttle to go back-and-forth. We can help.

Know yourselves. Know what you want. Find your coach. Evolve with your money.


Disclosures: The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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