Master of Flow or Head in the Clouds: the Seventh Paradigm


Do you have a strong intuition? Do you tend to assume a leadership role? Are you a visionary? Can you see beyond the now to what could be? Do you give your time, attention, money, and energy to others?

You were born with one of 7 ways of relating to the world and everything in it, and if this sounds like you it may be your paradigm: the Giver. Givers are just that: natural givers. You want to make the world a better place and want to dedicate your resources to others. You are able to envision a future and help make it a reality. You are a natural leader and inspire others. When you are at your best you feel much gratitude. You are much more able to reach a flow state that people within the other paradigms, that time when you are completely in synch with what you’re doing like great artists, musicians, athletes, etc. You are naturally able to get into “the zone” where everything just comes together.

Every paradigm has a dark side. You can be so focused on “the zone” that you are blind to what’s happening around you. You can give until you have nothing left- money, time, energy, and otherwise- which ultimately makes you a martyr. If you are giving to others so that you’ll get something back from them you’ve become manipulative or passive-aggressive. Some gifted Givers have tons of great ideas that never, ever go anywhere. This is often due to the fact that Givers often have a hard time accepting help from others because they see themselves as the ultimate helpers. Some Givers give to others to make their lives manageable, and that’s just enabling. Sometimes Givers in dysfunction become isolated because they can only do half of the give-and-take necessary for relationships.

A healthy Giver can balance their desire to give with the need to receive, replace, and restore. When people are stuck in this paradigm they end up with a diminished capacity to experience their passions and an ever-smaller ability to give. Evolving for you means increasing your ability to experience the things that matter most to you and fueling your ability to give. It’s good practice to ask yourself these questions:

  • How are my finances? Could that part of my life be better? What would that look like?
  • How are my relationships? Could that part of my life be better? What would that look like?
  • How am I experiencing my time? Could that part of my life be better? What would that look like?
  • How is my health? My nutrition? My fitness? Could that part of my life be better? What would that look like?

It is very likely that if any part of your life isn’t what you’d like it to be and you’ve experienced the same things over and over again, you’re stuck. The stress & frustration being stuck causes isn’t necessary, not just the way it is. You can evolve into your higher self, the version of you who uses your strengths to live the life you want rather than what’s left over.

The first step is to really know yourself. Take our paradigm survey to find your nature and reach out to us with your questions.

You can evolve.

Know yourself. Know what you want. Find the right coach. Evolve with your money.


Disclosures: The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. They do not necessarily reflect the views of LPL Financial. No strategy assures success or protects against losses.

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