7 Steps to Evolve Intentionally: It’s More than Money


Is your life as good as it could be? Quick check: your finances, relationships, health, time- all good? Or are there one or more areas that could be better? Whether you know it or not your life is evolving, unfolding, and sometimes patterns repeat keeping you stuck in the same familiar hamster wheel. There is a way to consciously, intentionally move past the things that hold you back.

No matter which area of your life you’d like to improve the foundation for evolving is the same: you’ve got to know who you are and what you want. Here’s an overview of what’s next:

1. React. Getting stuck in an unhealthy rut, no matter what type, will stagnate even the most driven people. And that causes another tier of misery! So react. Get it out. Get it out of your head and onto paper. This way you’ll free yourself from the thoughts that go around and around, filling your mind with clutter and leaving no space for creative thinking. Write it all down so it no longer owns you.

2. Feel. Emotions are natural; stifling them is unhealthy. Allow yourself to feel what you need to without giving in to depression or anxiety. Use the writing from earlier to create for yourself a picture, a map, or a story of your present reality. Extend it so you can see the situation over time. A feeling of neutrality will develop so you can see the forest for the trees. Ask yourself what you’d rather experience instead and create a new vision.

3. Work. Your vision for yourself is your direction, so what you do, say, choose now is all pointed in that direction. Practice new habits that make your life easier, balance your need to work with the needs to be loving, healthy, and present, and lighten up. Enjoy the freedom of being free from the revolving door of reactions and emotions. Instead you are laying the groundwork for life at a higher level.

4. Save. Now things are starting to shift & change- remember to choose calm over fear. Save and protect only what you need, only those who want to be saved & protected, and stay connected to the resources that give you energy and joy. Be aware that saving too much becomes hoarding which will entrap you and suck up any surplus time, energy, or money you’ve saved thus far. Keep your vision close so you don’t get stalled out when you start to experience better.

5. Invest. Now you’ve got some momentum. Notice what makes your life worth living and apply your resources & passions to what matters to you. Investing can refer to your money, but you can also invest your time, your energy, your relationships- you have the capacity to use your resources to create more of what you value! Doing so while a with your vision will give you a new source of energy that motivates and validates. It may be tempting to cruise here for a bit, but don’t get stuck. Getting stuck will result in experiencing the opposite of what is so great right now! Keep moving.

6. Leverage. Turn your attention to what makes your life easier. Do you now have more time, more energy, more financial confidence? Use the results of your invested resources to free yourself from stress & burden. Start collaborating with others so that you may experience even greater ease, create more value, and lift each other to a higher level as a result of combined strengths and resources. At this stage you’ve moved through some significant peaks & valleys, and it’s time to reflect on how fortunate you are and sharing that with others. Again, don’t get stuck here! There is one more step.

7. Give. Well, you’ve made it. This stage is reached when you’ve realized your vision, and it’s time to give back to others. It may be money, your time, your wisdom, your attention, any of your resources. Give them back because you’ve got plenty to share. You’re at the top of your mountain, and it’s good! Be grateful & humble.

And repeat. That’s right. Life continues to evolve and unfold, so when you reach the 7th stage it’s time for another adventure. Apply the same principles and you’ll empower yourself to experience a lot of satisfaction, security, joy, ease, and gratitude. You’ll grow beyond ruts and no longer be bonded to your emotions. Not a bad prospect!

Know yourself, know what you want, find the right coach, evolve with your money!


Disclosures: The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advise or recommendations for any individual. They do not necessarily reflect the views of LPL Financial.

No strategy or process assures success or guarantees against losses.




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