7 Reasons We Speak Financial Truth


The self-help industry, which includes the personal finance sub genre, is an $11 billion machine; that’s $11 billion annually. This would suggest that despite the sea of gurus offering up their best advice there is something missing.

We believe the crucial element they miss is you, so we’re writing a book about it. Here is why we’re writing it:

1. Gurus Fail. Every single person is born with a certain nature which shapes perspective, experience, beliefs, and behavior. The experts, no matter their area of expertise, also have a nature which is the foundation for their advice. If your nature isn’t the same their advice likely won’t work for you, or their advice may get you through one issue or crisis but doesn’t help when the next crisis comes along. You’re stuck living life from one issue to the next, seeking wisdom from limited sources over and over again. (Maybe that’s why people spend so much on self-help books?)

2. Patterns Repeat. Nothing is ever really new- look at the fashion world! Or look at this previous post about the 7 year cycles in finance. Recognizing your personal patterns and the patterns present in all areas of life empowers you to nurture those that benefit you and break & release the ones that don’t. Decisions are easier to make, opportunities easier to recognize. Approaching your finances, or anything, as if the current context exists in a vacuum can be disastrous, just ask people who heavily invested in the tech bubble.

3. Efficiency Addiction. Look around and notice all the busy people, the companies whose employees are expected to do more with less time & compensation, automizing that which used to be human interaction, and the pervasive expectation that things get done faster so that more can get done. Our culture is addicted to efficiency: a society so busy it tries to meet the human need for nutrition with frozen dinners and fast food, for example, and it’s making us sick and tired on both the public and individual levels.

4. Saving Yourself. There is no cavalry; they’re off somewhere being busy! And the gurus are short-sighted though well-intentioned. In a way you need to be your own superhero, and fortunately that’s not only possible, it’s intentional. You see, you have a specific nature which has a positive side and a negative side. The self-help/personal finance gurus have no way of knowing who you are, in fact many most likely don’t know their own natures, why they keep saying the same things, and debating each other over who is right. (Hint: they’re all right- for themselves.) We’ve developed a tool to find your nature; you can access it here.

5. Creating Value. You’ve probably heard or seen inspirational quotes telling you something about being able to use your attitude to create a good life- but not telling you how. Well, you can create more of what you love, more of what you want but without knowing how you’ll likely stay in a rut. Our book is being written to show you how. (This is also the foundation for our financial advisory, management, and planning business.)

6. Not Alone. Humans are social creatures; we don’t do well when totally alone. Yet we’re socialized to believe that “if it is to be, it is up to me,” so we keep on buying the self-help books and try to transform our lives alone. Without the help & support of others you can’t reach your highest level. And if your motivation for reaching a higher level is all about you rather than about you as part of a social system, (part of a team, family, community, etc.), you will end up with a corrupted version of your higher self.

7. Fulfill Your Next Vision. Instead of living life as a series of crises, ups & downs, one after another, we suggest turning those ups & downs on the side. Now they’re lefts & rights, the flow of life as a series of intentional, informed choices. And instead of an ultimate vision that can seem unattainable, we focus on your next vision, then the next and the next. And they add up over time.

Have you been so let down by your gurus that you’ve accepted a life that is less than you want it to be? Do you have a next vision for your money? For your relationships? For your health? Time management?

This is why we’re writing this book.

Know yourself, know what you want, find the right coach, evolve with your money!


Disclosures: The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advise or recommendations for any individual. They do not necessarily reflect the views of LPL Financial.

No strategy or process assures success or guarantees against losses.


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