The Love of Money

It takes money to make money.” is a famous cliché. In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I’d like to explore this cliché with you by looking at it through the lens of other currency. By taking money out of the language and replacing it with other words we trade for the things we want, we might gain some insight. A new way of speaking can improve communication. And when our ears hear what they want to hear, we can be more loving with ourselves and others. The universe expands and abundance knocks on the door. Here it goes…

It takes time to make time! Have you ever paused a second before responding and found yourself doing just the opposite of what your instincts prepared you to do? That is what makes us human. The pause. Finishing a task, cleaning as we go, taking a moment to be proactive. These are all ways that spending time helps us create time. Keep spending time with people you love, find others who inspire you and there will be less room for time to slip through your fingers. Just like money.

It takes energy to make energy! Have you ever felt a bit sleepy and a walk of the dog or a ride on a bike then kickstarted your day or shifted it into high gear? Yes – me too! Have you ever lacked motivation? A word of encouragement, a friend’s extended hand, or flash of a smile can light a fuse that inspires us to act. Keep spending energy around people you love, find others who have good energy, and there will be less room for energy to pass you over. Just like money.

It takes love to make love! Have you ever felt surly and unloveable and a friend’s note or call snapped you out of it? We tend to spend more time and energy looking at our past faults and current flaws. Often we spend our money trying to pay off past debts and fix current problems over investing in what we love. Yet riches are attracted by stating goals and intentions that focus on improving the world around you and sharing your words of encouragement with others in notes and letters. Love notes and letters always follow the same formula. Look for the good in each other and feel love flowing back to you as you write it. Keep spending the words, throw them around among the people you love. Accept each other for who we are, find out what we want to become and keep the encouragement flowing through short notes. Celebrate success with letters of thanks, gratitude and pride. Share love through money when you have it.

Money is an energy that needs to move and flow in order to be of any value at all. You accept this when we speak of the other things we trade. Time, energy and love are no good if they are hoarded. We don’t all see money and its value the same way. There are seven natural ways to relate to money. In a relationship we are often confused by our partner’s approach. With money we can speak of these things in terms that make it more clear. Spending money is essential. So is earning it, saving it, investing it, leveraging it, giving it and taking it. We are each born with one of these dominant world views – Our Financial Nature. Our Nurture then interacts with us to make certain beliefs and habits stronger and wears away at our understanding of others. Dysfunction and discord arise within us and among us when we see any of these as evil. Respect and love each other in all ways. Use money when you have it.

There is a play we can call, a recipe we can write, and a history to be told of people using all their currency to create heaven here on earth. And money is one of the tools. Handle it well – like a good knife, it’s sharp and it can cut you, or it can save you and everyone around you. Use time, energy, words and money well. Use it with LOVE.

Tom Shepard, CFP

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