Your Financial Level

Your financial nature is not a choice, but your financial level is. No matter how you came to experience your current financial situation, it is something you can change. Like our find your nature survey, there is a tool to find your financial level: eMoney. For now simply review the seven levels below and note which is most like your life today and which is the scenario you want.

state 1

1: Your expenses are greater than your income, and you may be getting deeper into debt.

state 2

2: Your income may be enough to cover expenses but it’s not always there when you need it.


3: Your income covers your expenses and nothing more, leaving you with no margin.

state 4

4: Your income covers expenses with some surplus left over which is saved.

state 5

5: Part of your income is invested with the goal of giving you a second income.

state 6

6: Your second income reduces expenses and makes your life easier.

state 7

7: Your second income covers expenses, and you no longer need to work: financial independence.