Advisory Fee Structure

Our fee structure is designed to be fair and transparent. For more information on the rules and requirements of our fee structure, please see Item 5 of this disclosure document.

Investment Management

Investment management includes:

  • Assessment of risk tolerance.
  • Determination of appropriate asset allocation.
  • Choosing investment managers.
  • Account(s) monitoring.
  • Communication of performance.
  • Making changes as appropriate.

Fee: 1% of assets under management.

*Nominal fees by the custodian may apply. Applicable fees assessed quarterly.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning includes:

  • Income Tax Planning
  • Protection Planning
  • Financial Position Analysis
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Legacy Planning

Fee Formula:

  • 0.25% x assets
  • 0.1% x liabilities
  • 0.25% x income
  • 0.25% x expenses

*Investment Management clients are not subject to Financial Planning fees; Financial Planning is part of their service package.

Financial Consulting

  • Identify your nature and natural relationship with money.
  • Identify your financial level, state, role, and stage.
  • Create a customized map to reach your near-term and long-term financial goals.

Fee: $250.00 per hour, assessed at time of service.