Maine YogaFest 2017

Yoga & Finance:

Tools for a healthier, wealthier life.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Maine YogaFest for the fourth year!

Yoga helps unblock energy in the body and in one’s life. We’ve taken that concept and applied it to money: unblocking your financial energy will empower you along your financial journey.

Join us for a fun, interactive talk aimed at arming you with a new mindfulness tool so you can re-embark on your financial evolution journey with a road map and compass to keep you headed in the right direction. Saturday, 7/8 at 1:30.

Then check out Let Yin Yoga Help You Find Your Financial Nature with Amy Sedgwick and Tom Shepard Saturday at 3pm. The 7 chakras and the practice of Yoga meet the 7 natural relationships with money. You will hold poses while tuning your attention to the energy in each chakra. While tuned in you will be walked through an evolution of money and value that also passes through the 7 energy states. You will learn to feel safe, let go and allow the natural order of money to wash over you.

See you at the festival!

Ticket info here. 


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